Make every lead count.

With MDprospects, never again worry about lost opportunities
or feel in the dark about your ROI.


Why choose MDprospects?

MDprospects is a revolutionary way to manage your practice level inquiries and Internet leads to maximize your patient conversion rates.

Your Leads

Your Conversions

Open Avenues
of Communication

"If you are promoting patient elective surgery, you simply cannot afford to not have MDprospects"


MDprospects is a web-based software designed for medical practices to:

Manage Leads
Maximize Conversion Rates
Increase Revenue

Are you ...
In the know about how your leads are being managed?
Unsure of your marketing investments?
MDprospects can help.


Online Leads
Gather online submissions automatically.

Call Tracking
Get custom phone numbers and track how your marketing efforts impact your call volume.

Manual Entry
Enter leads from other sources with ease.

Appointment Scheduling
Manage available appointment times to allow leads to book from your website.

Live Chat
Open a line of communication to your practice with leads.

Manage your referral relationships with the outreach tools, and make it easy for doctors to refer patients to you.

Event Scheduling
Register leads for upcoming seminars and events, and manage the roster in MDprospects.

Patient Management Systems
Manage leads pulled into MDprospects from various practice management systems.

HIPAA-Secure Contact Forms
Add HIPAA-compliant contact forms and self tests for your website.

Track Your Lead Sources
Know who or what sources are sending you leads and track how they are performing.


Drip Campaigns
Set up a series of custom emails that automatically engage your leads at key intervals of the sales cycle.

Targeted Campaigns
Design email blasts and send them to targeted lists.

Direct Email Users
Reply to leads directly through MDprospects.

Two-Way Text Messaging
Text with leads or send group text messages.

Live Chat
Allow leads to chat with you in real time from your website.

Virtual Chat
Allow leads to video chat with your team with questions as they consider their options.

Referral CRM
Manage referral outreach in MDprospects.

Task Management
Remind yourself and your staff to engage with leads at key intervals.

Event Reminders
Send reminders for upcoming events and seminars.


Converting leads to patients is a tough job that requires constant attention.

MDprospects makes it possible for you to track your efficiency and improve any weak areas.

It is designed to work with administrative staff to help take the guesswork out of the follow-up process.

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